The New Frontier

The New Frontier – an NFT collection of footwear that looks at the wild west, sci-fi, and the cultures we take with us as we venture into a new era of the metaverse. View the NFT collection here: Download project pdf (41.5 mb) The Argonauts

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The Argonauts

There is still stigma and patriarchal systems that are in place that impact the opportunity for women (especially bipoc women and those who are displaced) to play soccer. This collection focuses on the encouragement, awareness, and representation of women in soccer. It uses the sea as inspiration, a metaphor of what women are supposed to

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Dissolve 33

Behind the collection: I started Dissolve 33 the fall of 2020 in the middle of COVID and my Junior year of college. During this time my issolation forced me to reflect on how sports play into identity and how in the absence of them we must rediscover our relationship with movement.  Download project pdf (29.0mb)

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