February 2022

The Argonauts

There is still stigma and patriarchal systems that are in place that impact the opportunity for women (especially bipoc women and those who are displaced) to play soccer. This collection focuses on the encouragement, awareness, and representation of women in soccer. It uses the sea as inspiration, a metaphor of what women are supposed to […]

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Sustainability, Fashion, and the Metaverse

Tackling sustainability and our ever-changing identity in fashion is, to most, an oxymoron. The question all sustainable brands must consider is “how do we create trends and communities that consumers can continue to participate in while not feeding into fast fashion?” The issue is, for many people fashion is a signifier of who they are in that moment, and fast fashion (whether designer or ready to wear), is the most accessible way to reach that. Since sustainable clothing has a long way to go in inclusion, equity, affordability, and a diverse range of styles, it leaves the majority unable to fully embrace the idea.

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