Mercy, a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate from Kent State with a Bachelor of Arts degree, navigates the intersection of intersectionality, activism, and sustainability in fashion through a human-centered and community-oriented lens. Beyond their experiences in design and raw materials, Mercy’s ethos reflects a steadfast commitment to positive change within the fashion industry.

Coming from a rural area in Tennessee and growing up as one of six children, Mercy’s path is deeply influenced by their identity as a queer Filipino-American. This distinctive viewpoint guides their creative exploration of heritage and history, aiming not only to portray the diverse layers of identity but also to establish visual narratives that ensure the preservation and connection to their cultural roots.


READING: Gone Like Yesterday by Janelle M. Williams

LISTENING: There Will Be No Crying – Cleo Sol 

COOKING/BAKING: Banana Bread & Ramen (not together).

TIKTOK ALGORITHM: Food, dating show rundowns, history, interior design, artists making art.