June 2020

Jeanne d’Arc Sketchbook

Research and illustration development of a Jeanne d’Arc inspired look. Two versions that were first illustrated in watercolor and taken into photoshop for the background elements. Download project pdf (11mb) Previous Next

Craftroots Moodboard

A mood board made for class assignment done freshman year. The project was based off my Filipino roots and had to be influenced by flats and trends on WGSN and Doneger. You can see the journal entry of the project here: https://mercymcclung.com/illustrations/i-6-2/  

Reconstructed Legacy Mood Board

This mood board is from a project done freshman year called Reconstucted Legacy. is based off of WGSN trend forcasts that combines modern day wear with historical garments. The goal is to re-imagine  these items to create items that resemble modern street wear. You can veiw the project here: https://mercymcclung.com/journal/reconstructed-legacy/  

Slip Dress Tech Pack

This is a tech pack created for my Fashion Technology Applications class. The first slide is an additional assignment that challenged us to display flats in a composition.