New York Embroidery Studio

Located on 307 West 36th street, the New York Embroidery Studio is bustling with people creating specialized textiles for a wide range of companies. The shop works with brands to make custom textiles and their shop boasts numerous machines that our tour learned about.

Starting off was the wall of sewing machines which is not only decoration but usable. Each one has different stitches or trims that they can make. Additionally they have larger digital embroidery machines as well, my favorite being the embroidery machine that only needs one color of thread, white. As the thread is being fed through to embroider, it is actually printed with color which allows for stunning gradient effects and detailed designs. 

The Studio also boasts many other services like printers for rhinestones, pleating, laser cutting, vinyl, digital printing, UV printing, sublimation, 3d printing, and so much more. Overall, it was super great to see how they create textile manipulations and samples for large brands!