The Brooklyn Museum – Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

The legacy of Christian Dior seems impossible to capture in one exhibit, but somehow this show was the perfect homage. Through the years Dior was alive, he inspired so many future generations to come and the effects of his designs are still seen today. Looking at the exhibit, it was wonderful to see how Florence Miller, the curator of Christian Dior: The Designer of Dreams, showcased not only him but the designers who came after.

One of the wonderful things about the exhibit was the way in which it was not only the designs, but art, stories, and images that placed you in an immersive world. The history of Dior was beautifully told starting with Dior himself and then moving into the other designers as well. Throughout, it was interesting to see what each one of them brought to the house and how they kept a balance of the brand identity as well.

One of my many favorite rooms was the atelier’s room, filled with all of the toiles that had been developed. It was breathtaking to see the large white wall of them, all with notes about fit, or design that we later saw reflected on the finished garment. Another inspiring part of the exhibit was Dior’s sketches, collection layouts, fabric swatches and development. As a designer, it’s easy to think everything has to look good but seeing Dior’s process not be glamorous was a much needed reminder! After all, it’s the finished product that matters.