Study Tour: A Garment District Scavenger Hunt

 On the sunny Monday morning of the 13th of September, our study tour class left the comfort of the KSU computer lab to romp around the garment district on a scavenger hunt. Our many stops were as follows: 

The New York Public Library

Bryant Park

Books Kinokuniya

The Button – where we learned the kiosk was made by the Garment District Alliance and the buttons five holes represented an F for fashion

Fashion Ave – where we learned that the silver fashion plaques had been removed due to rain

Mood Fabric – which has a free swatching policy 

All-In-One Suppliers inc at 223 West 35th street – a retail store that sells mannequins and dress forms 


Herald Square

H & M – which stand for Hennes and Mauritz

M + J Trimmings

Paper Presentation/City Papery


FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) – whose current show at the museum is called Ravishing: The Rose in Fashion

Surprisingly, some of my favorite stops were not the final destination, but the discoveries made along the way! One of them was as we were on our way to Paper Presentation/City Papery and came up through 14th St/Union Square. There we found a farmers market selling local produce, flowers, jewelry, art, and so much more. It was exciting to see and support locally sourced goods! 

Another stop that was neat was the The New York Public Library. For weeks, my roommate and I had been meaning to go and get a library card to check out books but kept on thinking we would have to make a separate trip. However, we were very excited to find out how close it is to the school and will definitely be making a trip back after class one day! 

Overall it was great to familiarize ourselves more with the area and catch up with classmates (many of whom we haven’t seen in person for two years). Furthermore, it was great to check out places like M + J Trimmings and Books Kinokuniya so that we can go back if we need anything for our various projects. Which I will one-hundred percent be doing!