Prada’s Flagship NYC Store: An Inside Look

Our study tour met in front of the Prada flagship store before venturing out to window shop the luxury market. As we walked through the area exploring the various displays, it was exciting to see the different aesthetics and creativity throughout. On our journey we stopped by Miu Miu which we would later find out is a branch off of Prada. It represents the fun feminine side that Mrs. Prada wanted to explore which is juxtaposed with the uniform aesthetic that Prada offers.

Upon arriving back at the store, we were greeted and let in by the manager of the store. He explained the meaning behind the Prada tag which was an homage to the brands luggage origins – started by Mrs. Prada’s father. Then he walked us through this season from their new prints ( that will grace NYC in other ways through bakeries and billboards), to their most popular item, to their nylon bags and recently reissued bags. Throughout the time explaining he continually emphasized the importance of the brand to mix patterns and texture in uniform ways. It was interesting to see how knowledgeable he was about each product and what items customers wanted and coveted. 

After touring through the entire store, it was fascinating to see how each item was chosen with care for a cohesive experience (down to the couches and fixtures in the bathrooms). As designers, I think it’s important to see how each detail will sell, or how customers react to certain items. Being on the floor gives such a critical perspective since the end goal of the products ultimately happens there!