The Toledo Project

SLIDE 1: Created as a part of a class assignment to honor the late Isabel Toledo. Her love of lace and intricate patterns, that were a part of her and her husband Ruben’s Cubanheritage, inspired the design as well as her groundbreaking work in draping unique shapes.

SLIDE 2: The design started with a sketch of the garment along with the development of the patterns. The dress was then made into a muslin consisting of the two layers of the dress. Upon adjusting the pattern it was then cut out of the final fabric. The laser cut shoulder and side structures were first developed on paper which was I then scanned and made into a file for the laser cutter. This would then be printed and scaled on the garment to generate an understanding of the placement and finished look. One I was happy I corrected the file and created the color coding, black to score details and green to cut out.

SLIDE 3: The finished design is achieved by a underdress made of a wispy chiffon with an overdress made from smooth stretch woven fabric. The chiffon dress features a gathered waist to allow for excess fabric to be pulled through the overdress’s side slits and styled to create voluminous poufs. The bottom of the skirt is asymmetrical to create an even hemline and maintain the balance of the dress. All edges and seams of the dress were delicately finished with serging and rolled hems.
The overdress is closely fitted to create a sleek silhouette that pops and contrasts the underdress. The neckline creates space for the lasercut shoulder piece and works with the side pieces to create a counterbalance. Seams were serged or finished with facings and hems were hand sewn for a tailored look.