Sustainable and inclusive garment design advisory services for innovative organizations.

Your organization has a great idea that involves technology, fashion, inclusion, and garment design, but where do you start? What are the garment requirements and how do you scope your idea to get it from concept to production then market?

Single Project Advisory

My advisory single project service can help you and your team chart a sustainable, inclusive path from idea to design options to samples and production. I’ll bring to the table sustainable and inclusive fashion design insight to put your team and product in the best position for your project to fulfill your predefined goals.

This package offers comprehensive evaluation and advisory to provide scope and deliverables on critical issues impacting garment/product success. This package will pinpoint underlying those underlying issues and map solution paths.

  • Explore and define end-user and their requirements
  • Analysis and definition problem-space and issues
  • Define and scope product business requirements to include end product value, purpose, budget, vision, timeline, resources available, scheduling, etc.
  • A clear Statement of Work that defines the areas listed in the scope above to include project phasing and pricing options for garment design ideation, samples, tech packs.
  • Meetings, emails and phone calls as necessary to meet the required deliverables

This advisory service does not include:

  • Creation or ideation of any prototypes/samples for the project.
  • Design sketches or solutions to garment/softgood ideas.
  • Tech Packs
Service Fee

$3500. Prepaid and non-refundable, sent with the materials that I’ll request.

Your team will have everything they need to effectively move into the design and execution phase of the project whether you chose me for the execution or I recommend another option.

1 month minimum, but depends your organization’s ability to provide input throughout the process.